IC Shipbrokers herewith welcomes you to today’s freight market report. We are giving you an insight in today’s freight market and an update with the latest freight market indications.

Today the market was with more positive activity for the dry cargo market, and today with the capers having a very positive tendency.

The capesizes had a more than good activity today and with real boom in the Pacific rates, and with good increases out of the Continent or Mediterranean but also with positive rates in all other areas and destinations. For the panamax size the activity was also good today and therefore with smaller increasing rates in basically all areas and directions.

For the supramax and handysize tonnage the market today was again with quite fine activity levels. The supramax tonnage today had little increasing rate levels basically in all areas and directions. For the handysize segment the market was also with positive signs and with little increasing rates in most areas and directions, except good increasing rates out of US Gulf and the Continent.

The European coaster market was today with okay Monday activity. In the Baltic Sea area or on the Continent the freight rates were with stable rates or in some cases still with slight falling rates. The freight rates in the Black Sea area were with little increasing rates today and the Mediterranean had a day with slight falling rates today.

The tanker market was again today having a fair level of activity. The crude oil tankers were with unchanged activity and the freight rate levels were unchanged and remained stable in most areas and directions. The product tanker market was today with okay activity again and it resulted in slightly increasing freight rate levels from the various loading areas.

We will be back tomorrow with more freight market news from www.icshipbrokers.com