Denmark-based A.P. Moller – Maersk has launched a new company to provide installation services to the growing offshore wind industry, based on a new offshore wind installation vessel (Maersk WIV) concept.

Maersk Offshore Wind is a spin off from Maersk Supply Service, who designed and developed the Maersk WIV, and have marketed the concept since 2018.

The company currently has approximately 40 employees, and is owned by A.P. Moller Holding with headquarters in Denmark.

According to Maersk Supply Service, the design and concept are estimated to reduce the installation time of offshore wind turbines substantially compared to conventional methods, lowering the overall installation cost for the developers.

The first vessel is expected to be delivered in 2025. Michael Reimer Mortensen, which previously held the position of chief commercial officer at Maersk Supply Service, has been appointed chief executive of Maersk Offshore Wind.

Michael Reimer Mortensen said Maersk Offshore Wind will focus on providing offshore wind installation services worldwide to improve both the installation process and address critical port infrastructure needs.

The global offshore wind market continues to see substantial growth supported by ambitious targets in the EU and US of a total installed capacity of at least 90 GW offshore wind by 2030, and over 400 GW by 2050.

“We need new solutions to meet the ambitious goals for offshore wind capacity in Europe and the US. Maersk Offshore Wind’s concept can reduce the installation time of offshore wind turbines by almost one-third,” said Martin Larsen, chief financial officer of A.P. Moller Holding and chair of Maersk Offshore Wind.

Maersk Offshore Wind’s board of directors consists of chair Martin Larsen, CFO at A.P. Moller Holding, Morten Engelstoft, professional board member, Marianne Sørensen, professional board member, and Maria Pejter, Head of HR at A.P. Moller Holding.