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We are a team with many years of maritime journalism and commercial shipping experience which have the wish to provide the shipping industry and people following the shipping markets with something which so far have been missing, a fully independent daily shipping news website with worldwide shipping market news. The project started with the philosophy that shipping information should be freely available and quickly presented to businesses and to the maritime community. The idea was now created and when Mr. Michael Olsen presenting this idea early 2022 to the maritime journalist Ms. Dimitra Karamesini, the SHIPPING TELEGRAPH website with daily shipping news was born. We transformed a brainstorm into a single, brilliant idea. This was the start of an unexpected journey. 

The SHIPPING TELEGRAPH website went live to the public on 31st Oct 2022 and is free of expense to the audience due to the support of our advertisers. Our mission is to provide truthful, trustworthy information to a huge international audience and act as a “steward” of real journalism bringing news on everything about the maritime community needs to know. 

We would herewith at this space also specially like to thank Gert Barendrecht for his various ship photos which he so kindly allowed us to use on the website.

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