Banle bunker biofuel to Yang Ming

Hong Kong based Banle Energy International Limited, a subsidiary of the NASDAQ listed Banle Group, a marine fuel logistic company in the Asia Pacific region, in collaboration with PetroChina Fuel Oil Co. Ltd., has announce the arrangement of B24 biofuel bunkering services for Yang Ming’s vessel “YM Utility” at a port in Yantian, Shenzhen in China.

By providing Yang Ming with our B24 biofuel bunkering services, this transaction supports the first B24 biofuel supply in Shenzhen and Yang Ming’s inaugural B24 biofuel bunkering supply in China.

The B24 biofuel blend, as indicated by a study, is projected to reduce approximately 20% of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions when compared with conventional fuel oil.

“we are pleased to be part of Yang Ming’s first B24 biofuel bunkering supply in China. This service aligns with our initial initiative of introducing B24 biofuel bunkering in Hong Kong and exporting B24 biofuel to China. As a stakeholder in the shipping industry, we remain committed to promoting biofuel to reduce GHG emissions,” says Teck Lim Chia, Banle Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

Source Banle Group