Denmark-based Bunker Holding Group has signed an MoU with Yara Clean Ammonia to collaborate on accelerating plans to supply the shipping industry with ammonia as a marine fuel.

The collaboration will focus on exploring opportunities to supply clean ammonia as a marine fuel to First Movers in the shipping industry along key trade routes and bunkering ports in various geographical regions.  

This agreement connects two key elements of the supply chain needed to achieve the use of clean ammonia as a shipping fuel, namely a global supplier of clean ammonia and the largest bunker supplier today in terms of end users.

Clean ammonia is one of the most effective alternatives for decarbonizing maritime transport and as of 2026, the shipping companies are expected to expand the use of this sustainable fuel to reduce CO2 emissions by up to 100% on a full life cycle basis.

“Our global assets and logistical footprint coupled with Bunker Holding’s position as the world’s largest bunker player will bring safety, reliability, and security of clean ammonia supply as shipping fuel and will add more resilience and robustness to developing this value chain in the future” said Murali Srinivasan, SVP Commercial of Norway-based Yara Clean Ammonia.

Valerie Ahrens, Senior Director of New Fuels & Carbon Markets at Bunker Holding, noted that “we at Bunker Holding are committed to playing a leading role in facilitating the decarbonization of the maritime sector. As such it is vital for us to collaborate with partners who can offer the market confidence around the scale and security of supply of low-carbon fuels.”