Denmark´s marine fuel supplier Bunker Holding announced that it has secured biofuel availability in more than 80 ports around the world.

The Group provides different types of lower carbon products as well as blends of biofuels and conventional fuels and can deliver those products not only to flow ports, such as ARA and Singapore, but also in numerous other ports.

Manja Ostertag, head of Biofuels, said: “During the past months, we have been intensifying our efforts on ensuring biofuel availability at numerous ports and at a global scale. This puts the Group in a unique position as a marine fuel supplier. Providing a relevant and competitive value proposition including low-carbon fuels is a crucial part of our New Fuels strategy and key to succeed as a business, given the upcoming IMO and EU regulations.”

During the past months, biofuels have been bunkered by the Group to different segments, reaching from cruise and ferry lines and container ships to offshore clients and even smaller businesses.

“When delivering lower carbon fuel solutions to our clients, it is crucial for us to work with reliable certified suppliers, that have the same high principles on delivering product quality and sustainability as we have. Such reliable supply chains are indispensable in delivering relevant value to our clients,” said Manja Ostertag.

Bunker Holding claims that it is not only delivering lower carbon fuel solutions through its affiliates, such as biofuels or LNG, but also prepares for the evolving offtake of alternative marine fuels, such as methanol and ammonia.

In addition to that, the Group supports its clients in any topic around EU ETS, such as buying EUA’s (EU Allowances).

Bunker Holding is one of the main subsidiaries and financial cornerstones of the United Shipping and Trading company.

After decades as the sole owner of Bunker Holding, Torben Østergaard-Nielsen, working chairman, founder, and co-owner of USTC, has with the advent of the bunkering giant’s parent companies USTC and Selfinvest, introduced his daughters as his successors in the companies that he spent a lifetime building: 

“Together, Nina and Mia will carry on developing the organisation while ensuring that the family values will continue to guide the company. As founder and co-owner and in my new role as working Chairman of the Board of USTC, I will remain close to the business and stay very active in owner-related decisions surrounding USTC. I will continue to do so in close collaboration with both Nina and Mia and the executive management in all USTC companies. I have no plans to retire or reduce my workload, and I will instead focus my efforts on canvassing new business opportunities and setting the strategic direction for USTC,” said Torben Østergaard-Nielsen.