Daio Austral receiving biofuels in Japan

The Japan conglomerate NYK Group announces that on 22nd June has supplied biodiesel fuel at Kinuura port (Aichi Prefecture) to the wood-chip carrier Daio Austral, which transports wood chips for Daio Paper Corporation.

The company states that this was the first oceangoing vessel operated by NYK to receive biodiesel fuel in Japan, and that the ship then made a test voyage to Cai Lan port in Vietnam, arriving safely there on 29th June.

The company mentions in a statement that Toyota Tsusho Marine Fuel Corporation supplied the biofuel, and while sailing, the ship verified the main engine and generator conditions when using the biofuel.

NYK also informs, that biofuels are considered to be carbon-neutral, because the carbon dioxide that is absorbed by the source of the biomass is equal to the carbon dioxide that is released when the fuel is burned. Since biofuels can also be used in heavy oil–fired engines, they are considered to be a powerful means of reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions during the transition from heavy oil to zero-emission fuels.

Furthermore, during the financial years from 2019 to 2022, the NYK Group states that it successfully conducted test voyages using biofuels on seven oceangoing vessels, mainly bulk carriers and two tugboats. In the fiscal year 2023, the NYK Group mentions that it aims to conduct test voyages on multiple ships, and this trial was completed with the cooperation of Daio Paper Corporation.