Amsterdam-based Titan, an LBM and LNG supplier has inked a long-term time charter deal with Fratelli Cosulich Group for Italy´s shipowner LNG bunker vessel, Alice Cosulich.

The vessel Alice Cosulich was recently delivered to Titan in Asia and will start operating in Europe in the fourth quarter of this year.

The arrival of Alice’s twin is expected in the first quarter of 2024. The LNG bunker vessel is capable of handling complex operations such as cooldowns and gas-ups.

It has a bunkering capacity of 8,200 m3 for LNG, in order to satisfy the growing demand in the maritime industry for lower carbon emission solutions, as the shipowner Fratelli Cosulich claims.

Additionally this strategic agreement comes with an extension option, and it is expected to strengthen Frateli´s Cosulich position in the European LNG bunkering market.

Timothy Cosulich, CEO of Fratelli Cosulich Group said: “I congratulate Titan on effectively adding our “Alice Cosulich” to their growing fleet of LNG bunker vessels. As Titan continues to lead the way and establish new benchmarks in the maritime fuel industry, we are proud to be a part of their journey and enthusiastic about this cooperation. At Fratelli Cosulich Group, we adopt a long-term outlook and invest in resources that assist the maritime sector in achieving its objectives for lowering emissions. Our collaboration with Titan exemplifies our strong belief in forming partnerships to deliver innovative solutions that will effectively reduce our carbon footprint globally in a sustainable manner.”

Michael Schaap, Commercial Director Marine at Titan commented: “This long-term agreement strengthens our collaboration with Fratelli Cosulich and further enhances our LNG and LBM bunkering capabilities to meet growing demand in Europe. Our comprehensive LNG supply infrastructure allows the shipping industry to start delivering on decarbonisation now. Both LNG and LBM are available today and enable ship operators to reduce emissions straight away. We believe in a multi fuel future and, thanks to our team’s specialist expertise, we will supply other clean fuels when they become feasible.”