Container line schedule reliability improves in February 2024

Denmark-based research and analysis specialist SeaIntelligence reported that Global Schedule Reliability improved M/M for February 2024 with 1.7 pct-points, reaching 53.3%.

Meanwhile, the average delay for late vessels likewise improved, reaching 5.46 days.

Hapag-Lloyd has also climbed in the first place as the most reliable top-13 carrier in the Sea-Intelligence Global Liner Performance report (issue 151) in February 2024, in comparison with the other carriers ONE, CMA CGM, MSC, HMM, Yang Ming, Wan Hai, ZIM, Evergreen, Maersk, OOCL, COSCO, and PIL.

In the report, which is now available, it is mentioned that Hapag-Lloyd’s schedule reliability reached 54.9%.

Another 7 carriers were above the 50% mark, with the remaining carriers all in the 40%-50% range.

On a M/M level, 7 carriers recorded an improvement in schedule reliability, with the highest improvement of 9.7 percentage points recorded by Hapag-Lloyd. However, on a y/y level, none of the 13 carriers recorded an increase in schedule reliability, in accordance with the analysis of Sea-Intelligence.

Meanwhile, the report which covers schedule reliability across 34 different trade lanes and 60+ carriers, shows that some form of stability has ensued, with the round-Africa routings now normalising, after a tumultuous few weeks in the wake of the Red Sea crisis.

This was also reflected in the February 2024 global schedule reliability score, which improved by 1.7 percentage points M/M to 53.3%.

On a y/y level however, schedule reliability was -6.9 percentage points lower.

Container line schedule reliability improves in February 2024

As it is furthermore highlighted in the report, the average delay for LATE vessel arrivals also improved to 5.46 days, roughly the same level as pre-Crisis, which means that the increase due to the crisis has reverted.

Source: Sea-Intelligence