Maersk to pioneer first methanol retrofit for container ship at Zhoushan Xinya

Danish container shipping and logistics giant Maersk has selected a shipyard to carry out the world’s first methanol engine retrofit.

China´s Zhoushan Xinya Shipyard has won the bid for Maersk’s world’s first container ship methanol dual-fuel conversion project, which opened a new chapter for further cooperation between the two sides.

“Ship dual-fuel conversion is currently the focus of the industry, and has huge market potential for the ship repair industry,” the yard stated in a release.

Zhoushan Xinya Shipyard, a large private corporation in the ship repairing industry in China, located in Donglangzui of Liuheng Town, Zhoushan City, Zhejiang Province, has sealed a deal with Maersk to retrofit an unnamed Maersk container vessel.

The signing ceremony of the world’s first container ship methanol dual-fuel conversion project was held in Zhoushan Xinya Shipbuilding, in the presence of distinguished guests from the international shipping industry, and not only, to mark this occasion.

Colourful flags fluttered at the signing ceremony, and the “Welcome” sign on both sides of the stage welcomed guests from all over the world.

Guests included Han Jun, a member of the standing committee of the Zhoushan municipal party committee, and Xu Weibo, mayor of the Putuo district.

Han Jun, expressed his heartfelt congratulations on the signing of the project. He said that Xinya is a private enterprise with core competitiveness in China and one of Maersk’s important partners.

Brian Voldsgaard, senior purchasing director of Maersk Group, commented at the ceremony with the yard: “As a global leader in shipping and logistics, Maersk has the responsibility to set a new benchmark for decarbonising and reducing emissions in the global shipping industry.”

In accordance with the senior purchasing director of Maersk, the signing of this project will further help Maersk achieve its 2040 net-zero emissions target, and is a testament to the joint efforts of both parties to achieve a common vision and goals, and to contribute to the realization of the dream of a sustainable future and green shipping.

From the side of the yard, this deal is considered as an example and benchmark for dual-fuel retrofitting of ships around the world.

Maersk said earlier this year that the first engine retrofit in the industry is scheduled to be conducted medio 2024, and it is the intent to replicate on sister vessels when going for special survey in 2027.