Mediterranean Shipping Company’s ship Nicola Mastro was named in Trieste, Italy, with more than 600 guests attending the naming ceremony of one of the world’s largest and most fuel-efficient container ships by design.

The ship’s overall length is 400 metres and can carry up to 24,116 containers (teu). The vessel was named after Captain Nicola Mastro.

MSC Group President, Diego Aponte, paid tribute to Captain Nicola Mastro in his speech.

Among other things, Mr. Aponte said about Nicola Mastro that “he was one of the most important pillars of MSC.  A great professional, one of the best captains of our fleet. A cheerful person who always found a solution to everything. But above all a very close friend with whom I travelled the world, and I’ve learned so much from being close to him for so many years.”

MSC’s CEO Soren Toft, MSC Foundation Executive Director Daniella Picco and various local authorities also spoke in the event. 

The celebration also included a fantastic performance by violinist Andrea Casta and gymnast Giada Grisetti. This was followed by the ceremonial ribbon cutting and champagne breaking.

This ceremony comes three months after the naming ceremony in Bremerhaven of MSC´s new giant container vessel “MSC Michel Cappellini”.

The ship MSC Michel Cappellini is 400m long and can carry up to 24,346 containers.