Mv Bolero container barge

KTL Ukraine, a large logistic company headquartered in Ukrainian Odessa, has launched a new container liner service named KTL PORT, which will connect the Ukrainian Danube port of Reni and the Romanian sea port of Constanta.

KTL Ukraine states that its customers were affected by the truck blockade at the Polish border and queues that increased to 14-16 days, and due to this situation the company has for its Ukrainian export partners decided to launch the KTL PORT container line to shorten transit time, and to allow shipments of cargo in “batches”.

The Romanian-flagged container barge “Bolero” of 5200 mt dwt with 500 loaded TEU, including 60 Reefer FEUs capacity, started on December 14 connecting the port of Constanta (SOCHEP terminal), then calling port of Reni for going back to port of Constanta (DP WORLD terminal plus SOCHEP terminal) every 10 days for a round trip.

KTL Ukraine also informs that collection of empty containers lines will be carried out at the terminals DP World and SOCHEP in the port of Constanta.