The Cyprus-Greece ferry makes its first trip on Wednesday, lifting anchor at Limassol port and sailing to Piraeus carrying 156 passengers.

The Cypriot-flagged ship Daleela is making its first trip this year, with 156 passengers, today from the port of Limassol. The first of the 22 itineraries of the sea passenger connection with Piraeus planned for this year, of which 14 will be carried out from the port of Limassol and 8 from the port of Larnaca.

Today at one o’clock in the afternoon, the Cypriot-flagged ship Daleela sets sail from the port of Limassol to the port of Piraeus, on the first of 22 total itineraries scheduled from May 31 to September 1 and for the first time this year including the port of Larnaca.

In addition to the port of Limassol, Scandro Holding Ltd has included the Larnaca port in this year’s itinerary in response to travellers’ requests.

The first Larnaca route will be on Saturday, July 29 at noon and the last route will be on Friday 1 September.

The ferry includes a restaurant, cafeteria, and clinic in addition to 38 first-class cabins, and 68 second-class cabins. It can also accommodate up to 100 vehicles and in total 400 passengers.

“The Deputy Ministry of Shipping, since the beginning of the sea passenger connection, which started last year, gives great importance to serving the needs of citizens and especially those who face difficulties in traveling by air. It is important that the sea connection was embraced by our fellow citizens, who wish to travel to and from Cyprus with their private cars and two-wheelers, offering an alternative mode of transport,” says in a statement the ministry of Cyprus.

Something that was seen through the response of the people, surpassing every desired expectation last year, after 7412 passengers travelled, while 2250 vehicles were transported. The success of this year’s season is expected to surpass last year’s, since so far, the number of reservations has reached about 7 thousand.