The new ro-pax vessel Finnsirius, the first of Finnlines’ two freight-passenger Superstar ships and part of the company’s €500 million Green Investment Programme, was named at a festive ceremony in Naantali, Finland yesterday.

Vessels’s godmother Tiina Ahola broke a bottle of champagne against the bow, wishing the ship, its crew and passengers good fortune and fair winds.

Finnsirius will enter Finnlines’ Finland–Sweden (Naantali–Långnäs–Kapellskär) line and the maiden voyage sets off from Naantali on Friday.

The sister vessel, Finncanopus, is expected to join Finnsirius on the same route next year while a smaller ro-pax, Finnswan, will tranfer to another Finnlines service. 

Since over 75 years, Finnlines has been the major carrier of imports and exports in Finland.

The choice of Tiina Ahola as Finnsirius’ godmother celebrates the long-standing cooperation between Finnlines and the Ahola Group, together upholding a large part of the Finnish trade.

“Finnlines has been one of the most important companies, a trustworthy pillar within Finnish’ imports and exports, which was celebrated at the naming ceremony. While executing out our Green Investment Programme, we have taken a giant leap forward and can now offer more efficient and environmentally friendly solutions to freight customers and private passengers,” said Tom Pippingsköld, president and chief executive of Finnlines.

Finnlines Green Investment Programme comprises both ro-pax and ro-ro vessels.

Three new hybrid ro-ro vessels started operating in the summer of 2022 and Finnsirius is the first of two Superstar ro-pax vessels that are the largest in the Finnlines fleet, with a cargo capacity of 5,200 lane metres and passenger capacity of 1,100.

The second vessel, Finncanopus, is expected to be delivered by the end of 2023.

“Finnsirius is Finnlines’ new eco-efficient flagship, designed specifically for the fast-paced freight transport route between Finland and Sweden. At the same time, Finnsirius offers upgraded services and more travel comfort than the previous generation of ro-pax vessels. Freight is Finnlines’ core business, but it is a genuine pleasure to introduce our new service concept to our passengers,” noted Antonio Raimo, Line Manager at Finnlines.