Ship crew left car with ticket outside ferry because it was electric, Greece

A passenger on a ferry with destination the Greek island of Samos in the eastern Aegean Sea, complained to the crew because, as he said, they did not allow him to enter, despite having cut a ticket.

The reason was the company´s decision not to allow the embarkation of electric cars. 

Outside the ferry, coming from Northern Greece and bound for Piraeus, was left an electric car on Monday afternoon in which the owner had cut a ticket but the crew informed him that he could not enter due to the company’s decision for these vehicles.

The owner of the car, as Greek media reports, who is involved in car rentals, he has transported several times and even recently, cars with this company, which is the only one that serves the line Piraeus – Samos, without ever facing a problem.

However, on Monday afternoon at 17:30, while the ship was departing from the port of Samos to Piraeus, the car was prohibited to enter and transported, with the owner reacting to the decision of the crew and the Port Authority.

The passenger reserves the right to take any legal action, as it is furthermore reported.