Sweden won’t reopen '1994 Baltic Sea ferry disaster' case

Seabed survey in 2021 by investigation authorities and Stockholm university

Swedish authorities say they will not reopen the case of a 1994 ferry sinking in the Baltic Sea that killed 852 people, in one of Europe’s deadliest peacetime disasters at sea.

Sweden won’t reopen an investigation into a 1994 ferry sinking in the Baltic Sea that killed many people, after investigators found no indication of a collision or an explosion, the Swedish prosecutor said Thursday.

The ship’s sinking on 28 September 1994, in the Baltic Sea between Sweden, Finland and Estonia, was one of the worst peacetime maritime disasters of the 20th century, claiming the loss of many lives.

The Swedish public prosecutor’s office issued a report on the incident on Thursday, mentioning that the case must be closed.

“There is nothing to indicate that there would have been a collision with a ship or a floating object, nor any explosion in the bow,” prosecutor said in a statement.

The prosecutor added that most recent investigations did not mean that anything else has come to light that gives reason to assume that a crime has been committed.

As it is stated nothing has emerged that could give base for such a suspicion.

“The case is closed,” the prosecutor added in a statement.

Estonia sank on Wednesday, 28 September 1994, as the ship was crossing the Baltic Sea, en route from Tallinn, Estonia, to Stockholm, Sweden.

Of the 989 people on board, 852 people died. In accordance with an agreement between the prime ministers of Estonia, Finland and Sweden, a Joint Accident Investigation Commission (JAIC) was formed to investigate the accident.