Strong storms moved across the Mediterranean and Black Sea with Russian and Turkish authorities saying the storms in their region were among the strongest they have experienced.

Two general cargo ships were grounded by severe storm which ravaged Black Sea on November 26 and 27, at Turkish Black Sea coast ports of Inebolu and Hopa.

To the west in the Mediterranean, the Italian Coast Guard is dealing with a ferry that washed ashore on the coast of Rometta Marea.

Italy´s Coast Guard announced that the ferry/roro vessel “Lider Prestij”, Cameroon-flagged, previously operated by Tirrenia, ran aground on the coast of Rometta Marea.

The maritime authority is directly involved in verifying any pollution and coordinating the removal of the vessel.

“The ship Lider Prestij at the mercy of the waves, but without people on board, washed ashore in the night on the coasts of Rometta Marea (about 15 kilometers from Milazzo)” explains a message.

The Coast Guard, following the report, “immediately send its patrol boats to the site and, in order to verify possible pollution in the vicinity of the unit, ordered the dispatch of divers from the Messina Coast Guard to the area and the overflight of the Manta ATR42 aircraft, equipped with suitable instrumentation to detect any pollution. A helicopter and Dattilo ship of the Coast Guard are also in the area.”

Under the coordination of the Coast Guard, operations began to free the vessel “Lider Prestij”, as various naval and air assets of the Coast Guard intervened, including a helicopter, the Dattilo ship, and the Messina Sub Unit.

The operations took place with the use of two tugboats in total safety and without compromising the marine ecosystem.

The activity took place following the intervention on board of personnel from the Coast Guard inspection team, who together with RINA and the local technical-nautical services, assessed the situation of the ship and planned the refloating phases.

Guardia Costiera reports they are supervising the salvage efforts that began yesterday.