Japanese greenlight hydrogen-fueled engine compatible oil tanker

The world’s first approval in principle (AiP) certification for the design of an oil tanker using liquefied hydrogen as a fuel becomes a reality.

ClassNK has issued an approval in principle (AiP) for a design concept of the hydrogen-fueled engine compatible 5,000KL oil tanker with electric propulsion system developed by Uyeno Transtech, Yanmar Power Technology and Mitsui E&S Shipbuilding.

The ship was designed as part of the “Development of Large-scale Hydrogen-fueled Domestic Tanker and Demonstration of Zero-Emission Ships” project by the Nippon Foundation.

Meanwhile, the class society has released its annual report on Port State Control.

The report includes statistics and data analysis on ships detained by PSC, as well as typical defective photos.

In 2023, 419 PSC detentions were reported for 398 ships classed by ClassNK. “Fire safety deficiencies” such as “fire-dampers”, “fixed fire extinguishing installation”, and “fire pumps” were pointed out as the most commonly detainable deficiencies.