Maersk Tankers says green tech Njord cuts CO2 emission from ships

Denmark´s Maersk Tankers green tech business Njord has been nominated for the 2023 Sustainability Awards, run by the Danish Chamber of Commerce and EY, in the Sustainability Innovation category. The winner will be announced on 14 September in Copenhagen.

Maersk Tankers has been nominated along with eight other Danish companies in the Sustainability Innovation category.

The newly established tech business Njord, created in partnership with shipping giants Cargill and Mitsui & Co, helps shipowners sail with greater efficiency and lower environmental impact.

As Maersk Tankers claims Njord services on average cut CO2 emissions by 7 to 16% per ship and up to 30% using more cutting-edge technologies.

Currently, solutions are being installed on some 40 vessels.

“Njord is part of Maersk Tankers’ work to pioneer and scale solutions that create value for shipowners and decarbonise shipping,” said Morten Mosegaard, Chief Financial Officer of Maersk Tankers.

“We founded the business to leverage Maersk Tankers’ knowledge on technical solutions and vessel optimisation from tanker shipping and apply it industry-wide, across all shipping segments,” Mosegaard added. 

The Njord team of mechanical engineers and naval architects identifies how to curb the emissions of each vessel, taking into account its technical and trading profile rather than its constituent parts, which is more common industry practice.

They then design, devise and install an energy-saving package, taken from Njord’s portfolio of 30-plus technologies. This spans hull retrofits, and technologies for engine optimisation and power management, from the size of an LED light bulb to a 30-metre Rotor Sail.

“These technologies must be correctly combined to maximise the reduction in emissions and minimise the pay-back time of the investment,” explains Frederik Pind, Managing Director of Njord.