Panama´s National Aeronaval Service (Senan) reported that locals prevented the docking of the bulk carrier CSL Tarantau.

Fishermen in Panama dried to prevent the docking of the vessel, loaded with coal, during protests.

Senan added that protesters “threw stones and blunt homemade objects” and the docking was called off.

“We make it public knowledge that the actions carried out by a group of demonstrators in boats can be considered violent, reckless and contrary to peaceful coexistence, so the Public Prosecutor’s Office has been requested to carry out the pertinent investigations in order to determine the crimes committed,” Senan said in a statement yesterday.

Earlier this week, the mining and minerals specialist First Quantum Minerals revealed that its subsidiary, Minera Panama has begun to reduce ore processing operations at the Cobre Panama mine.

Cobre Panama has reduced its processing operations by ramping down one ore processing train while two remain operational.

“This disruption to operations is due to an illegal blockade of small boats at the mine’s Punta Rincón port. The illegal actions at the port have affected the delivery of supplies for the mine’s on-site power generation plant, which is necessary for full operations and for safe environmental stewardship, including operation and maintenance of the tailings management facility. In addition, the illegal actions have hindered the loading of copper concentrate onto vessels,” the company said.

“First Quantum and MPSA respect the right to protest in a safe and lawful manner, however, the illegal actions at the port are impacting operations at Cobre Panama just as the illegal blockades by protestors in other parts of the country over the last three weeks have been impacting the daily lives of Panamanians and the Panamanian economy.”