Dubai’s Shipmanagement company dedicated to methanol-powered ships

Dubai-based Dockendale Ship Management, which specializes in the dry bulk shipping segment, and Denmark’s Green Marine methanol expert announced the formation of a joint venture, Dockendale Green Marine Ship Management, to focus on fully integrated crewing and technical management of methanol powered ships.

Under the terms of the deal, a new company, Dockendale Green Marine Ship Management is being established, headquartered strategically in Dubai.

In addition, key leadership appointments have been made and include CEO Vikrant Gusain, COO Morten Jacobsen, CTO Fredrik Stubner, and CFO Michael Herb.

Formed in 1973, Dockendale possess many decades of technical experience and seafaring knowledge. It draws upon on this expertise and a pool of almost 2,000 active seafarers to provide a broad range of technical and crew-management services.

It is worth noting that Dockendale is part of the MUR Group, a logistics and freight services provider in the dry bulk shipping industry.

MUR’s owned and controlled fleet transports cargo such as steel, minerals, grains and fertilisers around the world on behalf of more than 300 clients via 24 core trade routes. Dockendale provides full technical support on all MUR-owned vessels.

Vikrant Gusain, chief executive, commented: “Our partnership with Green Marine is the result of a shared vision to advance methanol dual-fuel ships and as a result, decarbonisation of the maritime industry. Green shipping is moving at an incredibly rapid pace, and we felt it was an opportune time to bolster our ship management service offerings and demonstrate our commitment to building a more sustainable future for shipping.”

Morten Jacobsen, COO, added” “Green Marine’s team of methanol experts have been involved with the evolution of methanol as a marine fuel since 2012 in addition to having co-developed the design and overseen the construction of 16 methanol-powered MR tankers to date.”

“Our team has hands-on experience in technical management and operations that dates back to 2016 and every team member has served onboard a methanol-powered tanker vessel as either Chief Engineer or Captain. It is by far the most experienced methanol team globally,” he added.