Mv Yuan Yi Hai under discharging at Qingdao Port

The Chinese shipping conglomerate Cosco Shipping mentions in the social media that its 400,000 deadweight ore carrier “YUAN YI HAI” on 2nd July in the port of Qingdao, successfully has completed discharging of 375,500 tons bulk iron ore, in just 30.7 hours.

With this achievement the Qingdao Port operation was setting a new world record for iron ore discharging, as the company states.

In addition to this, the operation at the port of Qingdao also achieved three other records for single-ship operations, including discharging of 160,000 tons of cargo from a single ship, discharging 300,000 tons of cargo from a single vessel continuously day and night, and also achieving a single-ship discharging rate of 12,228 tons per hour, Cosco Shipping said in its statement.