ZeroNorth in a Move for Expansion Buys Singapore Bunker Supplier Software Provider BTS by Shipping Telegraph

Technology company ZeroNorth has added 200 vessels to its platform in a deal with Louis Dreyfus Company.

The company will provide data-driven optimisation services to improve vessel performance and reduce fuel consumption across Louis Dreyfus Company’s chartered fleet of approximately 200 vessels, ranging from handysize to capesize.

Louis Dreyfus Company (LDC) is a global merchant and processor of agricultural goods, and ZeroNorth will help accelerate the company’s decarbonisation journey.

The ZeroNorth platform converts data into tangible actions, interconnecting millions of data points into a single source of truth. The platform will provide LDC with data-driven recommendations on optimal routing based on specific voyage, vessel, bunker and emissions optimisation objectives.

LDC will also benefit from further insights into its fleet, with a real-time view of the status of all vessels and suggested actions to be taken to improve performance.

Soren Meyer, CEO of ZeroNorth, said that “we are looking forward to helping LDC achieve their ambitious decarbonisation goals. Collaboration is key to driving greener operations across the industry and we look forward to helping LDC gain additional insight into its fleet, improve vessel performance, and ultimately make positive decisions for both profit and planet.”

Sébastien Landerretche, LDC’s Global Head of Freight, noted: “As a responsible freight operator, we are committed to operating our vessels in the most fuel-efficient way, to reduce shipping emissions as part of the Group’s overall decarbonisation journey.”

LDC’s executive added that ”with a clear vision for their solution and strong subject matter expertise, we see ZeroNorth as a key partner paving the way for further actions, such as investment in Energy Saving Devices and adoption of alternative fuels, which are core to the Group’s strategy to help deliver a more sustainable maritime sector.”