Boskalis today gave a fresh update on the Yemen oil transfer operation from FSO Safer.

The offshore and salvage specialist Boskalis inform that over the past two weeks, further good progress has been made by the colleagues of SMIT Salvage to prepare the FSO Safer for the oil transfer phase of the operation.

Recent work has focused on inspecting and reinstating equipment on board the FSO Safer. This includes various winches required for the mooring operation as well as the stripping pumps to facilitate the transfer of last remains of the cargo to the replacement oil tanker alongside the Safer.

Furthermore, the underwater inspection of the hull by a team of professional divers has been executed.

Two tugboats owned by Smit Lamnalco also has arrived on site off Yemen. These tugboats will assist with the berthing of the replacement tanker when she arrives on site. For contingency purposes oil booms will be installed as a precautionary measure during the ship-to-ship transfer of the oil.

Video credit: Boskalis