HD KSOE wins approval for new ammonia fuel supply system

HD Korea Shipbuilding & Offshore Engineering (HD KSOE) has been given the green light by the Liberian Registry and Lloyd’s Register for their ammonia fuel supply system, which will be used for ammonia fueled ship new construction projects.

The shipbuilder won an Approval in Principle (AiP) at the Award Ceremony held on June 21 in Korea.

The Liberian Registry’s AiP based on the flag Administration requirements supplement the AiP issued by Lloyd’s Register, and in combination the two AiPs confirmed the successful outcome of a joint development project between HD KSOE, LR and the Liberian Registry.

This comes after the giant shipbuilder HD KSOE revealed its new technology that reduces toxic gas emissions from ammonia fuel to nearly zero.

During the ‘Global Tech Forum’ held recently in Athens, Greece the shipbuilder revealed ‘proprietary’, as described by HD KSOE, ammonia scrubber that absorbs toxic gas and emits zero carbon.

Euronva, Thenamaris, NYK, and other global companies at the forum were especially interested in various methods that could solve leakage issues, which have been considered one of the major hurdles when commercializing ammonia as fuel.

As it is reported by HD KSOE, the integrated scrubber is an eco-friendly technology that absorbs emitted ammonia in two separate occasions, reducing emissions to nearly zero.

The exhaust outlets have also been uniquely designed to be distanced away from where the crew resides, enhancing safety of the vessel, as it is also said.

“HD Hyundai has proprietary technologies and the most experience in the world when it comes to building gas carriers. With our abundant experience in green technologies, we plan to be the frontrunner of the future shipbuilding market,” said Seung-yong Park, president and chief operating officer of HD Hyundai Heavy Industries, a shipbuilding subsidiary of HD Hyundai.