Photo credit: NYK Press

NYK makes history by certifying Green Ship-Recycling Facility in Bangladesh. PHP Ship Recycling Facility, which is a ship-recycling facility operated by PHP Ship Breaking and Recycling Industries, has become the first yard in Bangladesh to be certified by NYK.

Nipon Yusen Kaisha has revealed today that in early March, an NYK Group vessel entered PHP Ship Recycling Facility to be dismantled, in accordance with the environmental, safety, occupational health, and human right standards.

During the vessel dismantling at PHP Ship Recycling Facility, a supervisor sent from NYK´s Group ship-management company, to monitor the process. The giant NYK Line sends supervisors to yards that have been certified by classification societies, to confirm that the yards meet NYK’s standards. These certified yards that NYK conducts ship recycling are currently in total 30 in India, three in China, and one in Turkey.

The Green Recycling is considered of a paramount importance as ships contain a large amount of high-quality iron, and appropriate disposal of valuable recyclable resources is necessity for the realization of a circular economy. Furthermore, environmental pollution and industrial accidents when ships are dismantled, has been an issue receiving attention.

Classification societies, such as Japan’s ClassNK, act as substitute authorities of ships’ flag states, by issuing statements of compliance to yards, that meet the standards determined in the Hong Kong International Convention for the Safe and Environmentally Sound Recycling of Ships, which was adopted in 2009 by IMO.

“NYK was the first Japanese shipping company to participate in the Ship Recycling Transparency Initiative, an information-disclosure platform concerning the ship recycling process,” as NYK Line says today.

It also added that: “the company became the first Japanese company to become a signatory of the UN Global Compact Sustainable Ocean Principles.”

In the future, NYK´s aim is to deepen dialogues with stakeholders through participation in initiatives concerning the environment, safety, and human rights, and to promote ship-recycling at yards that meet the standards of the Hong Kong Convention.