Photo credit: AYRO (Ayro’s Oceanwings)

An energy transition project, WHISPER, has been granted €9,2 million in funding from Horizon Europe for a 4 year innovation project to reduce emissions in the shipping industry by 15% to 30%. The aim of the project is to develop a solution that can significantly reduce emissions from the long-distance maritime industry, which is responsible for around 2.5% of the world´s total CO2 emissions.

WHISPER aims to demonstrate around 30% fuel savings on a retrofit bulk carrier and more than 15% on a retrofit containership.

A consortium of experts across Europe will develop a fully modular retrofit solution, comprising a wind-solar hybrid power system to significantly reduce auxiliary engine emissions and a tilting wingsail system to provide wind-assisted propulsion, significantly reducing main engine fuel consumption and emissions.

The complex application process was led by Inspiralia, a vital component in guiding the partners to fulfil all necessary requirements for full participation in an EU project of this size. The WHISPER project is comprised of 14 partners: Verkis (project lead), Sidewind, AYRO, Solbian, CANOE, Ant Topic, Dotcom, Samskip, Nav-Tech, Stirling Design International, BBA/Fjeldco, Lloyds Register, Athygli, and Inspiralia GmbH.

Ayro is a French company that designs, manufactures and sells the Oceanwings to be installed on cargo vessels and yachts.

Source: Ayro