French shipping company EuroGreen Maritime (EGM) has entered into a seven-year charter agreement with Norwegian energy company Equinor ASA for four advanced hybrid battery / dual-fuel methanol tankers.  

The charter contract was signed after being awarded the contract of the tender process initiated in December 2023.

These ships will be managed on behalf of EGM by V.Ships France under this time charter agreement with Equinor upon delivery.

Under the agreement, EGM will deliver the four MR IMO II product tankers, developed in collaboration with LMG Marin France, in the first half of 2026 through 2027.

The vessels, which represent a value of more than US$250m at the time of delivery, will be build at Wuhu Shipyard’s new facility in Weihai, China.

As informed, the four tankers will fly the French flag and be managed by the ship manager, V.Ships France of Nantes.

Each tanker features a dual-fuel methanol engine with a shaft generator complemented by a battery-hybrid power generation system.

In addition, the vessels are further equipped with wind assistance propulsion based on a pair of OceanWings wingsails systems developed by the French company Ayro.

Ayro has confirmed the 7-year charter deal in its social media LinkedIn with a post.

It’s worth noting that Equinor ASA plans to deploy these vessels into product trading activities.

Source: Ayro