SFL delivers LNG dual-fuel car carrier to K Line on 10-year charter

New-York listed shipowner SFL Corporation is delivering one of its ships to K Line on a long-term charter.

Bermuda-based tanker owner revealed in social media that delivered yesterday its new LNG dual-fuel car carrier Odin Highway to K Line.

The vessel is one of two 7,000 ceu LNG-powered PCTCs set to serve under a 10-year time charter to K line, with Thor Highway scheduled for delivery in the second quarter of 2024.

The company didn’t disclose further details about the charter deal with K Line.

The majority of SFL’s vessels are employed on time charter contracts where the company is responsible for technical, operational, and commercial management. In addition, some vessels are employed on bareboat charters where the company’s customers are responsible for these services.

The company’s fleet of vessels, as stated in its website, comprises of 13 tanker vessels, 15 dry bulk, 36 liners, 2 energy and 7 car carriers.

SFL, in its preliminary financial results for the third quarter of 2023, explained the company´s strategy: “We remain committed to our strategy of acquiring attractive assets in combination with long term charters to leading operators in maritime markets.

“The company’s diversified and extensive charter portfolio with approximately six years weighted average charter term provides the company with significant visibility into future cash flows. Additionally, several of our charter contracts are structured with optionality features which may provide further upside for us in strong market conditions.”