The captain collapsed inside a ship outside Rethymno and when he was taken to a hospital in Crete, it was found that he was already dead.

A 55-year-old Captain lost his life on board the ship in Rethymno, a city in Greece on the island of Crete, where he was performing his duties.

Early on Wednesday morning, the Port Authority of Rethymno was informed by the shipping agent of a Palau-flagged vessel, which was located 21 nautical miles northeast of the port of Rethymno, in Crete that the Captain needed immediate medical treatment.

The coast guard was informed, but the captain had already lost the battle.

Specifically, the 55-year-old foreign captain was found unconscious by another crew member while he was performing shift officer duties.

As stated in a relevant announcement of the Greek coast guard, the ship in question had sailed in the evening hours yesterday for the port of Sitia and returned to the port of Rethymno. The captain was picked up by an ambulance vehicle and transferred to the general hospital of Rethymno, where he was pronounced dead.

The local port authority of Rethymno conducts the preliminary investigation and ordered an autopsy, in line with standard procedure.

The Greek coastguard didn’t reveal the name of the ship and did not clarify where exactly on the ship the master was found.