Greece will send a warship to support a United States-led naval coalition in the Red Sea, becoming the latest country to join the alliance to counter threats from Yemen’s Houthis.

Defence Minister Nikos Dendias announced the move in a televised address on Thursday, saying Greece, has a primordial interest to maintain freedom of navigation and protect seafarers’ lives.

Greece is sending a frigate to the region as part of ‘Operation Prosperity Guardian’ after an order given by the prime minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

The country will participate with a frigate of the Greek Navy for the protection of merchant ships, of the life of seafarers, and of the global economy”, emphasized with today’s statement the minister Nikos Dendias.

“The international community is facing a maximum-security challenge in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden region,” noted Mr. Dendias.

“Attacks on merchant ships by armed groups, by drones and missiles,” he underlined, “are a huge threat to human lives, international security and stability, the global economy and the well-being of citizens.”

And he continued: “On this issue I also informed, during my last visit to Cairo, the Egyptian side.”

“It goes without saying that the frigate which will participate in the operation has the necessary means of self-protection,” concluded the minister in his statement.