Greek Naftomar lines up ammonia carrier orders at Hanwa Ocean

Hanwa Ocean is opening the era of carbon-free ships by winning an order from Greek shipowner Naftomar for four very large ammonia carriers that can use ammonia as fuel.

These new ships will be built at the Geoje shipyard in South Korea and will be delivered to Naftomar Shipping and Trading by 2027.

According to Hanwa Ocean, these very large ammonia carriers can transport 93,000㎥ and they are the world’s largest ammonia carriers ordered so far.

Additionally, the new vessels will be equipped with eco-friendly technologies from Hanwha Ocean, the shaft generator motor system (SGM), which can generate fuel by connecting a motor to the propulsion shaft, and HS4 (Hanwha SmartShip Solution & Service), a smartship platform developed in-house by Hanwha Ocean.

In particular, the four new ships can be converted to ammonia propulsion in the future if the shipowner wishes. Hanwa also said that the order received from Naftomar is worthing KRW 656.2 billion.

Started in 1973 at Okpo Bay, Geoje Island, located on the southeastern tip of the Korean Peninsula, Hanwa Ocean shipyard was completed in 1981.

The shipbuilding company has since grown into the world’s premium shipbuilding and offshore contractor who is specialized in building various vessels, offshore platforms, drilling rigs, FPSO/FPUs, submarines, and destroyers.

As for Naftomar, since its establishment in Beirut, Lebanon, in 1972 as a trading house, concentrating on the distribution of petroleum products in the Mediterranean region, the company has since developed to become a major player in the LPG field.

Following its first transaction in 1976, Naftomar soon took advantage of the vast potential of the LPG market, opening a chartering and ship management office in Piraeus, Greece’s biggest port.