Greek shipowner killed and two others in Greek shipping office

Four dead are the tragic toll of an armed attack this morning on a shipping company in the south suburb of Athens, Glyfada, in Greece.

The gunman, allegedly a former 76-years-old employee of the company, entered the building and killed three individuals – two men and a woman – before turning the gun on himself. The woman shipowner is reported to be killed, the CEO of the company and an employee are dead, whilst the perpetrator committed suicide. Greek authorities didn’t yet confirm the identities of the dead.

A disgruntled former employee shot dead the head of a Greek shipping company and two others before killing himself at the firm’s office in Athens on Monday.

The person involved in the incredible tragedy is reportedly a former employee, of Egyptian origin, who worked for the company and according to initial information was allegedly fired.

Police and ambulances were stationed outside the offices of the shipping company, with various Greek media reporting the tragic incident.

The perpetrator entered the company’s premises from the parking lot. Frightened, all the company’s employess tried to take shelter. Others hid under the office desks, several tried to escape, and some hid in the toilets.

“I heard the gunshots, I heard the first two. I headed towards the stairs to see what was happening. I saw two guys coming down; they said, ‘It’s Aris with a gun, he’s shooting.’ Of course, I dashed outside, towards the garden, and made my way out through the back door of the garage,” a witness, identified as an employee, told journalists outside the company’s building.

Another witness of the incident also said: “He purposefully went to kill the bosses.”

Police officers arrived in the company two minutes after the call for a shooting incident. Immediately after, a police negotiator arrived and also the special suppressive antiterrorist unit, which is the police tactical unit of the Hellenic police, who freed employees before the perpetrator was finally found dead.

The attacker was found dead in the basement of the shipping company’s building, with a shotgun next to him.

The company’s employees went outside the building calling relatives to let them know they are safe.

Video credit: (news tv).