Pelagic Partners celebrate refinancing deal at NIBC shipping dinner

Photo credit: Pelagic Partners

Cyprus-based shipowner and shipping fund manager, Pelagic Partners, celebrated a new finance deal at NIBC shipping dinner.

The company celebrated the refinancing agreement at a dinner on May 15 hosted by NIBC in the captivating setting of Amsterdam’s iconic canals. The 10th maritime dinner saw industry leaders gathered aboard an elegant salon boat for insightful dialogue, Pelagic said.

Pelagic Partners and NIBC met in NIBC’s 10th maritime dinner after signing the ‘competitive’ transaction.

Among the prominent attendees were Atef Abou Merhi, managing director of Pelagic Partners, and Ahmad Abou Merhi, executive director of Pelagic Partners (see photo above), as the event provided a platform to celebrate shared accomplishments and explore forthcoming opportunities within the maritime domain.

The shipowner and shipping fund manager, Pelagic Partners, has recently finalized a refinancing agreement with NIBC. This comprehensive agreement encompasses three bulk carriers and two tankers, providing extensive support for Pelagic Partners’ diverse fleet.

A critical aspect of this refinancing was the maintenance of Loan-to-Value (LTV) ratios at consistent levels, as Pelagic Partners claims.

Furthermore, the financing costs were secured below the market average, Pelagic Partners said, adding that this offers a significant competitive advantage for the company.

Both Pelagic Partners and NIBC have expressed their enthusiasm for a continued and productive partnership.