Piraeus Port Authority (PPA S.A.) and Princess Cruises, one of the world’s largest cruise companies, held a special event at the port of Piraeus, Greece’s biggest port, to celebrate the arrival of the Sun Princess cruise ship and to highlight their significant and extensive collaboration.

Princess Cruises, with 17 ships in its fleet, is part of the leading Carnival Group in the cruise industry.

During the event, plaques were exchanged between PPA S.A.’s Deputy CEO Panagiotis Tsonis and Captain Craig Street of the Sun Princess, welcoming the cruise ship to Piraeus on its maiden voyage. It is worth noting that Sun Princess is scheduled to have 10 arrivals this season, with 7 of them based at the port of Piraeus.

This newly constructed cruise ship, powered by LNG, is one of the largest cruise ships ever built in Italy. With a length of 345m, it can accommodate 4300 passengers and 1150 crew members across its 21 decks, featuring 2150 cabins.

Through steadfast strategic initiatives and targeted investments, Piraeus has become a pivotal hub for cruise travel. In 2023, there was a remarkable 68.6% surge in total cruise passengers compared to 2022, with approximately 1.5 million passengers and 760 cruise ships served. Of these, 75% were homeported, meaning they started their cruise from Piraeus Port, translating to 800,000 passengers – a 110% increase compared to 2022.

Looking ahead to 2024, projections based on schedule, indicate the arrival of over 1000 cruise ships, with 79% choosing Piraeus as their homeport.

Panagiotis Tsonis, deputy chief executive of PPA S.A., commented Piraeus Port for its remarkable advancements in the cruise industry.

He underscored Piraeus as a cutting-edge port renowned for its top-tier services, increasingly trusted by prestigious cruise companies worldwide as their preferred base for voyages.

PPA S.A.’s strategic cruise planning has yielded substantial benefits for the national economy, tourism industry, and local communities, solidifying Piraeus’ reputation as one of the world’s top ports.