A 46-year-old worker died in a ship repair yard in Greece this week in unclear circumstances. The incident took place in the afternoon hours on Monday on the Greek island of Syros while he was on the deck of a cargo ship.

Greek coastguard confirmed the incident without elaborating on the causes of the death and pointed to an investigation by their Syros branch.

According to the coastguard statement, the Port authority of Syros was informed that a 46-year-old worker in a ship repair yard in Syros, while he was on the deck of a cargo ship, suddenly lost consciousness and collapsed.

The incident occurred on 04 December and the worker was transported by ambulance to the General Hospital of Syros, where resuscitation efforts were made but with negative results.

A preliminary investigation is being carried out by the Port authority of Syros, while the body is to be transferred to the Forensic Service of Piraeus for an autopsy.