Unprecedented incident: A mine washed up in Greece – A winter swimmer spotted it

A winter swimmer in the Greek island Rhodes couldn’t believe his eyes when he was confronted with a mine.

An unprecedented incident occurred in Rhodes in the area of Soroni of Rhodes.

The swimmer spotted and pulled out of the sea the mine, which according to information from the Greek television network Mega, “travelled” from Ukraine, reached the Aegean Sea and ended up on the island.

According to Mega tv channel, it is a mine that arrived in the Mediterranean from Ukraine after an explosion in a dam in the country. Experts say it is possible that other mines may have travelled to the Mediterranean, sounding the alarm.

“When I saw it, it was shining too much from afar, it seemed like something valuable. It was on the ground, the wave was passing overhead. I got it with my hands, and I took it out of curiosity alone,” the man who spotted the mine told Mega.

As he describes, “I didn’t understand what it was, it was shining a lot. I have never seen such a thing before. Imagine what could have happen to me. Afterwards i brought it ashore,” he said.

“It reached Rhodes, so it could have easily reached other islands in Greece. Imagine the danger for the ships in the area.”

He said that after taking the mine ashore, he uploaded the video he took to social media and then realized what it was based on the responses sent to him by other users.

Immediately afterwards, he called the Coast Guard. “The coast guard told me to be at a distance, to get away. The Coast Guard acted immediately,” he said.