Igor Kuzminov spoke with Shipping Telegraph in an exclusive interview.

Baltnautic Shipping Ltd headquartered in Klaipeda has turned 25 years old, an incredible feat that would not have been possible without the dedication and contribution of its staff and partners.

The company´s course starts back in 1998. Baltnautic Shipping evolved from shipbrokers to owners, managers and operators of sea-rivers and container ships. Now its fleet portfolio consists of 33 ships.

In a short interview with Shipping Telegraph, the Deputy director of Baltnautic Shipping Ltd in Klaipeda, Igor Kuzminov discusses about the present and the future of the company´s strategy. 

Recently you celebrated your company´s 25th company anniversary with a huge and impressive gala-dinner in Palanga, Lithuania in the presence of distinguished guests. Can you tell us a few words about you, your partners, and your company´s course through the last 25 years?

We started as shipbrokers, later become owners/managers/operators of sea-river going coasters 1300-3000 mt dwat, and now developed also container feeders direction of 300-700 TEU capacity, working in different parts of the world.

Our partners are big and small companies and industry units who are in demand of our service of cargo transportation by sea of dry cargoes, and containers.

Making a flashback to the company´s history. How long after the establishment of Baltnautic Shipping Ltd you purchased the first vessel, and how many vessels you own now?

The first vessel was purchased in 1999. Now our fleet consists of 33 ships.

As the maritime industry runs towards decarbonisation and transition to new fuels which is the Baltnautic´s stand on this direction?

As all shipowners we will comply with all latest regulations.

What is the shipping industry current sources of finance? How do you predict they will develop, and what are the advantages and challenges to financing a vessel in your country?

Normally sources of finance which are the banks. Sometimes private investors. About any prospects in ship’s financing, it is hard to say anything definite, as all depends on market situation and on Company stability status.

It remains unclear which alternative fuel or energy source will become predominant in the future. How ready is Baltnautic Shipping to deal with these fuels?

We suggest, at the beginning will be used same sort of fuels (MGO, LSHFO), but more clean with extra quality, and lowest possible sulphur. We do not exclude the use of diesel-electric and electric propulsion systems on future ships, also allowing a decrease in the emissions.

Are all vessels trading in the spot market, on time charter or what is your chartering philosophy?

Presently 40-45% of the fleet is trading on spot market and 60-65% on T/C.

Economic, seasonal, and geopolitical factors influence the shipping market. How can a shipowner safely outline his/her fleet growth strategy in times of significant uncertainty for the industry?

Good and flexible management, good reliable clients, and adaptation of work to nowadays geopolitical situation and changes on the market.

A few words about the future of your company. What are the main strategic goals of Baltnautic Shipping in the long term?

Increasing and modernising the fleet and stay all the time reliable and competitive for the Partners.