As reported by Shipping Telegraph on 16th and 20th October 2023 the state-owned Gasgrid Finland and the Estonian gas transmission system operator Elering noticed an unusual drop in pressure in the Balticconnector offshore gas pipeline between the two countries in the early hours of October 8, 2023.

The pipeline was isolated shortly after the discovery by closing Balticconnector’s valves. The gas leak caused by the verified damage in the pipeline stopped with the isolation of the pipe and the closing of the valves.

Balticconnector’s commercial use has begun according to plans again on the 22nd April 2024, as Gasgrid informs.

According to the current forecast market participants will transmit approximately 10 GWh of commercial gas from Estonia to Finland during this gas day, and approximately 70 GWh from Finland to Estonia.

Gasgrid Finland and Elering plan to transmit approximately 60 GWh of physical gas from Finland to Estonia during this day, which is the difference between the commercial transmission volumes described above.

Balticconnector’s technical maximum capacity from Finland to Estonia is about 78 GWh/day, and so far the gas transmission in the offshore pipeline has been operating normally.

Source: Gasgrid Finland