Northern Marine crew conducted two rescues at sea

The crew of Northern Marine’s LNG Abuja II gas carrier recently rescued 25 persons that were aboard a small craft off the coast of Spain.

The LNG Abuja II gas carrier on October 12 was awaiting arrival into the Spanish port of Algeciras when local authorities informed the ship of a small craft in the vicinity that required support.

At the time of the incident, Captain Mbaka Balarabe was in command of the LNG Abuja II, with another Captain, Dumitru Iordache, also aboard ahead of an imminent scheduled crew change.

The LNG Abuja II manoeuvred next to the inflatable craft and the crew then supported 25 persons, including 2 children, by securing their craft alongside and providing much needed sustenance. Local authorities were informed and also arrived at the scene.

Following the rescue mission, Captain Dumitru Iordache said that “we could see people in the boat waving in our direction. From this moment onwards the professionalism of our full crew was demonstrated, and the actions of all individuals were exemplary.”

Captain Iordache added: “Everyone without exception was trying to assist in any way they could. The galley department began cooking extra meals, engine room rating was already on the upper deck keeping the boat in sight, the Bridge was fully packed with lookouts from all directions. The unfolding of the rescue manoeuvre, and how the crew actively participated in this mission was simply flawless.”

It’s worth noting that the Spanish Maritime Safety and Rescue Society expressed their gratitude in written correspondence for “the humanity and professionalism of the Captain and crew”. 

Meanwhile, in a separate rescue mission, the crew of Northern Marine managed LPG tanker Avance Polaris was commended by the Maritime Administrator of the Republic of the Marshall Islands for the rescue, in March, of one adult and two children from a distressed sailing vessel in the Pacific Ocean.

Alastair Fleming, Fleet Director of Northern Marine Management, commended both sets of crews for their actions.

He said: “The crews of the LNG Abuja II and the Avance Polaris have demonstrated their exemplary professionalism and commitment to safety at sea by providing support to adults and children who were in very precarious positions.

“While they were carrying out their duty to act as seafarers, their actions evidence the finest and most noble aspects of the profession, and they are a credit to the company and themselves,” Fleming noted.