Indonesia-based Pertamina International Shipping (PIS) has sealed charter deals with global players for four LPG carriers that are worth $49.3 million.

The company said has collaborated with global players for four of its ships, the Gas Walio, Gas Widuri, Gas Arjuna and Gas Ambalat. The ships Arjuna and Ambalat are chartered by SHV Gas Supply & Risk Management, the Walio gas is chartered by Geogas Trading S.A, and the Widuri gas is chartered by Vitol S.A.

PIS considers these transactions as a success as it is part of its ongoing process of increasing revenue in the international markets.

The company has successfully pocketing four transactions at once with major global shipping players.

PIS CEO Yoki Firnandi said on Tuesday that the signing of this agreement indicates the success of PIS Middle East (PIS ME) branch office in Dubai in increasing revenue in the international market, as well as proving the reliability of PIS’ fleets that meet the qualifications to sail in waters on a global scale.

Pertamina International Shipping (PIS) has lined up long-term charters with variations in contract durations ranging from 6 months to 3 years.

This cooperation also adds new country routes taken by the PIS fleet in international waters, such as Chile (South America), Puerto Rico (United States), Dominican Republic (Caribbean), Tanzania, Poland and Portugal.

PIS ME Country Manager Andra Palawi added that apart from the successful commercialization of the four ships, PIS Middle East also made business breakthroughs that added to the company’s revenue.

As the company says, PIS ME is the second PIS representative branch office overseas and was inaugurated on December 23, 2022.