The European Council adopted yesterday a twelfth package of economic and individual restrictive measures in view of the continued Russian war against Ukraine.

“These measures deliver a further blow to Putin’s ability to wage war by targeting high-value sectors of the Russian economy and making it more difficult to circumvent EU sanctions,” the statement said.

The EU Council announced its 12th round of sanctions targeting Russia, which included an attempt to tighten oil price cap compliance and a new ban on LPG imports.

The Council is introducing tighter compliance rules to support the implementation of the oil price cap and clamp down on circumvention.

Furthermore, a strengthened information sharing mechanism will allow better identification of vessels and entities carrying out deceptive practices, such as ship-to-ship transfers used to conceal the origin or destination of cargo and AIS manipulations, while transporting Russian crude oil and petroleum products.

The Council also decided to introduce notification rules for the sale of tankers to any third country in order to make more transparent their sale and export, in particular in the case of second-hand carriers that could be used to evade the import ban on Russian crude or petroleum products and the G7 Price Cap.

Meanwhile, a new import ban is introduced on liquefied propane (LPG) with a 12-month transitional period.

Josep Borrell, High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, said: “With this 12th package, we are putting forward a robust set of new listings and economic measures which will further weaken Russia’s war machine. Our message is clear, as I already stated when I chaired the informal Foreign Affairs Council in Kyiv: we remain steadfast in our commitment to Ukraine and will continue to support its fight for freedom and sovereignty.”