NOS developer

The privately owned Gothenburg-headquartered marine service company Northern Offshore Services (NOS) announces changes in the company’s structure.

Mareel Ltd, a UK subsidiary of NOS operating a fleet of crew transfer vessels for the transfer of personnel and equipment between shore and wind turbines, is to undergo transformation and be implemented in Northern Offshore Services (NOS) as N-O-S Ltd, which makes NOS one of the leading CTV operator.

NOS is excited to announce the strategic move to consolidate its presence in the United Kingdom by integrating Mareel Ltd as N-O-S Ltd, and simultaneously add it’s 16 vessels into NOS’s already robust fleet.

The move is a significant step towards optimising synergies within the organisation and pave the way for a unified market approach, as the company states.

David Kristensson, chief executive of Northern Offshore Group, said that “At Northern Offshore Group, our aim is to deliver the best performance while upholding sustainability and safety standards to meet even the toughest challenges. The advance of N-O-S Ltd, is in line with our global growth plan, and to utilise N-O-S’s extensive experience within the renewable energy segment.”