Danish based cable producer NKT has named its second cable ship “NKT Eleonora”, meaning shining light.

She will increase the company’s offshore installation capacity, flexibility and be among the world’s first cable vessels designed to operate on methanol, which will reduce the CO2 footprint of the vessel’s activities.

The market for high-voltage cables has grown significantly in recent years, and the outlook remains positive, driven by the transition to renewable energy and general electrification. Transmission cables are becoming larger, longer and with an increasing focus on lower energy loss, which sets new standards for cable production and installation.

On the back of a record order backlog and the strong market outlook, NKT announced in May 2023 investments in a new high-voltage factory next to the existing one in Karlskrona, Sweden, and a new market-leading ship.

The ship was designed by Salt Ship Design, and her construction is underway in collaboration with the Norwegian shipyard VARD.

Darren Fennell, EVP and director of NKT’s high voltage business in Karlskrona, says that “We are pleased to welcome NKT Eleonora to our fleet. She is an important strategic asset, enhancing our installation capabilities to ensure efficient project execution and meet increasing demand from our customers. The decision to build a ship designed to operate on methanol is driven by our strong commitment to sustainability and focus on supporting the green transition with our cable solutions.”

Based on the operational experience and pioneering technology on board “NKT Victoria”, the “NKT Eleonora” will represent the next generation in terms of design and capacity. Equipped with three turntables, she will have a capacity of 23,000 tonnes of cables and a range of technologies that ensure precise and safe installation and servicing of submarine cables.

The ship is being built in parallel with NKT significantly expanding its high-voltage factory in Karlskrona with both assets expected to be in operation from 2027.

Source: NKT