Solstad Offshore charter extentions

The Norwegian Shipowner and offshore tonnage provider Solstad Offshore has announced the declaration of yearly options for three of their vessels with already long term charter clients.

The Norway energy conglomerate Equinor Energy AS have declared the last yearly option for the AHTS Normand Ferking, so the charter now is running until November 2024.

Additionally, the Subsea 7 Limited has exercised the 2024 Optional Charter Period for the CSV Normand Subsea. This charter is now running to 31st December 2024 with an option for them to extend the charter contract with one further year.

Finally, the DeepOcean AS has declared an optional year for the CSV Normand Jarstein, taking the firm period for the vessel up until 31st December 2024.

No charter hire levels were mentioned by Solstad Offshore for these three charter extensions.