Turkish Energy Minister Alparslan Bayraktar expressed Türkiye’s intention to expand its economic presence in Libya’s offshore hydrocarbon activities under the scope of the maritime jurisdiction agreement signed between the two countries in 2019.

In an exclusive interview with state-run news agency Anadolu on the sidelines of the Libya Energy and Economic Summit 2024 in the capital Tripoli, organized by the Energy Capital and Power (ECP), Bayraktar said his visit aims to strengthen ties between Türkiye’s private and state companies in Libya in the fields of oil and natural gas, as well as mines and electricity.

‘We showed our determination for cooperation,’ Bayraktar said, adding, ‘Türkiye and Libya will expand their cooperation in many energy fields in a longer-term and sustainable way.’

The energy minister pointed to Libya’s vast energy reserves and stressed the necessity for a stable investment climate to ensure the longevity and effectiveness of cooperation.

‘There is a huge potential in solar power, and Libya can benefit from Türkiye’s experience in this sector,’ he said, advocating for Turkish investment in Libya’s renewable energy infrastructure.

As it is reported by Anadolu, he cited Türkiye’s recent advancements in oil and gas exploration, particularly the rapid development of the Sakarya Gas Field, as a model of efficiency and success that can be replicated in Libyan waters.

‘We want to be active in Libya’s offshore areas,’ he said, emphasizing the cost-effectiveness and expedited results that Türkiye’s seismic and drilling ships could bring to the region.

‘In the near future, Türkiye plans to dispatch a team to Libya for a more intensive technical study,’ Bayraktar affirmed, signalling Türkiye’s commitment to establishing a robust foothold in the Mediterranean nation’s energy sector.