A Spanish Navy ship is currently monitoring the “alleged pirate-hijacked” bulk carrier Ruen, the European Union Naval Force Operation (Eunavfor) Atalanta said on Sunday.

The Indian Navy also reported tracking the Malta-flagged vessel, now heading towards coast of Somalia.

Responding to a distress call, the Indian navy send its anti-piracy patrol warship and maritime patrol aircraft to locate and assist the vessel, it added.

If confirmed, it would be the first successful hijacking involving Somali pirates since many years as the United Nations latest report on the situation in the country illustrates that joint counter-piracy efforts have resulted in a steady decline in attacks and hijackings since 2011.

However, although piracy off the coast of Somalia has been “repressed”, the ongoing threat of resurgence remains.

EUNAVFOR’s joint operations center in Spain said on Friday it received an alert about the “alleged pirate-hijacked vessel” Ruen.

“Based on first information available on MV Ruen, Operation Atalanta Flagship ESPS Victoria is proceeding fast towards the alleged pirate-hijacked vessel to gain more awareness and evaluate following actions.”

The force added that it was coordinating with the multinational naval partnership, Combined Maritime Force (CMF).

In an update on Sunday Eunavfor revealed that the M/V Ruen is sailing along the north coast of Puntland, Somalia.

The Eunavfor flagship ESPS Victoria is currently monitoring the incident and coordinating with local authorities on further action.

“The situation on board the M/V is unknown,” Eunavfor added.

The “Victoria” is the second unit of the “Santa María”-class frigates built in Ferrol, launched on July 23rd 1986 and delivered to the Spanish Navy on October 29th 1987.

The frigate is 138.8 meters long and with its 2 gas turbines, performing 41,000 hp, she reaches up to 30 knots top speed.