Ten years ago Copenhagen received flexible, modern cruise terminals at Oceankaj as Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II on May 2, 2014 officially opened the Oceankaj Cruise terminals in Outer Nordhavn.

”Legend of the Seas” from Royal Carribean International had the honor of being the first ship to call Oceankaj on this day.

These three identical terminal buildings, which later that year were honoured by the City of Copenhagen as particularly beautiful buildings, extend over 3,300 square metres each and are equipped with flexible facilities for passenger and baggage handling.

The quay, which is 1,100 metres long, ends at the south with a 12-metre-high observation tower with public access. The quays are also able to receive wastewater from the ships, which is sent directly to treatment plants.

Oceankajen’s terminals have lived up to the expectations of ten years ago. They have created the optimal framework for turn-around calls, where passengers board and disembark from the ships.

Together with Nordre Toldbod and Langelinie, Oceankaj enables Copenhagen to welcome cruise ships of all sizes and types, and this year Copenhagen was even named Europe’s leading cruise port by World Travel Awards.

In their first year of operation, the new terminals had more than 100 calls, and last year this number had almost doubled and accounted for more than half of Copenhagen’s cruise calls.

The ten years of the terminals have brought more than 1,300 ship calls with a total passenger capacity of 5 million guests to Copenhagen. If you add all calls together, this corresponds to a total ship length of 380 kilometres!

In 2025, Europe’s largest onshore power facility will open at both Oceankaj and Langelinie, allowing ships to switch off their generators when they are berthed, as it is revealed by Copenhagen Malmö Port.

Source: Copenhagen Malmö Port (CMP)