A BRIT found dead on Greece’s most glamorous island close to Athens in the Saronic Gulf, Spetses. Spetses, long the playground for the rich and famous, is approximately two-hours away by ferry from Athens.

The coastguard gave an update, saying the 44-year-old was transferred to the clinic where he was pronounced dead, without giving any details about the cause of the incident.

The man’s body was discovered in Spetses and officials said he was “found unconscious” in the sea area of the Tsaldari pier, in the island’s old port.

Officials from the port of Spetses said the authority is conducting the preliminary investigation in order to be found how the British citizen lost his life.

On Friday the authority informed that the man was taken to the Spetses’ clinic, where he was pronounced dead.

An autopsy was ordered to be carried out at the forensic service of Piraeus. Following an autopsy a report compiled by forensic scientists is expected to be released.

The results of the toxicology tests could shed light on the “exact cause of the death” of the man.

Greece has been sweltering in extreme heat for most of the month with the country forced to take emergency measures.

The high temperatures in Greece are not uncommon, but it is unprecedented for the thermometer to reach over 40 degrees Celsius this early in the season.