Americans are coming: Temporary military area at Aarhus Port

East Jutland’s Police have made a decision to set up a temporary military area – also known as an MMO – at the port of Aarhus, in Denmark. The MMO will be guarded and located in an already enclosed port area with no access to the public.

From Monday 6 May at 08.00 to Monday 3 June at 20.00 a temporary military area will again be set up at the port of Aarhus, as East Jutland Police said in a press release on May 3.

The area is located in an already enclosed port area with no access to the public. Clear signage will also be set up with information that access to the military area is prohibited for unauthorized persons.

The temporary military area is being established at the request of the Danish Armed Forces, as Denmark must provide host nation support to allied troops who arrive by cargo ship at the port of Aarhus and then proceed through the country.

The operation is part of the overall host nation support, also called Host Nation Support (HNS), where an American unit arrives at the Port of Aarhus and equipment must be marched on the port before further departure. The MMO is being created as part of operation Hawk Assistor.

In addition to the ban on access to the temporary military area, a no-fly zone will also be established over the MMO. The no-fly zone will be in effect for the same period as the temporary military area.

The closed-off area at the port in Aarhus will be guarded by the Armed Forces and the East Jutland Home Guard District in close cooperation with the East Jutland Police.

At the port of Aarhus, similar MMOs were set up in January and August last year in connection with HNS. It is not the expectation of East Jutland Police that the host nation’s support at the port of Aarhus will have a noticeable impact on the citizens or the traffic flow in the area.